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Meet Sister Fabula- caretaker and watchful guardian of the Holy Rose Cemetery. Join her every other month as she introduces us to a couple of spooky tales from beyond the grave, and the darkest of imaginations. Each issue she will treat a "guest" to these tales, and with luck, maybe put them in a tale of their own... 

Fabula: Sister of the Dark is a horror anthology, with one to two short stories in comic form.  If you would like a shout-out in my comic, or see some exclusive work in general,  then head over to Patreon and become a member.  Members get the digital copy of the comic for free. 

The first issue is free, due to the celebration of Halloween.  A hard copy of this can be obtained on IndyPlanet when it becomes available, and I'll update this with a link. 

Thank you for your time and support. Have a good day. 


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